Losi 8ight Mini Announced

From the realm of "do we really need this?" comes the announcement of the new Losi 8ight Mini 4WD Buggy. It's 1/14-scale, and does come with some pretty nice features: Water-resistant brushless ESC, 4500Kv motor, Spektrum Radio technology, and more features scaled down from the its namesake. It measures out at 11.49" long, which makes it only slightly smaller than most 1/10-scale buggies.

We've never done well with the smaller vehicles before, and I doubt this will do any better. Still, it's a great price point for such a feature set: $249.99 for a completely Ready-to-Run package. Check out more info about it at Losi's 8ight Mini Overview Page. Cynical as I may be, this could turn out to be a great seller. Time will tell.