New Airplanes from Parkzone

Parkzone has been busy. They've just come out with the much anticipated S.E.5a WWI bi-plane, and announced two more airplanes. The S.E.5a is now in stock as a Bind-N-Fly model for $249.99. It has a 37" wingspan, a 480-size brushless motor, and a 3-cell LiPO battery. We only have one for the shelf, so get yours quick.

The Striker has always been a popular airplane for Parkzone, and they've announced another Striker that will be very popular with the backyard fliers - the Ultra-Micro Striker F-27Q. It will be a Bind-N-Fly airplane, and go for $159.99 when it comes out later this month. It'll be powered by a 180-size brushless motor and a 2-cell LiPO battery, making it the first Ultra-Micro in the Parkzone line to have brushless power. Not only will these be fast in the air, but they're sure to fly off the shelves when we get them in, so pre-order yours today!

And finally, for you guys that fly off the water, Parkzone announced a parkflyer for you. The Icon A5 Bind-N-Fly will be coming out mid- to late-October for $279.99. It will feature a 480-size brushless motor, 3-cell LiPO battery, and removable landing gear - perfect for going from pond to pavement! The Icon A5 will also be available as a Plug-N-Play airplane as well ($199.99).

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