Shocker! Traxxas Now Sells LiPOs!

It was inevitable. Traxxas has finally come out with some LiPO batteries. They are of "semi-rigid" construction, and are available in a variety of capacities in 2S or 3S versions. I'm not sold on the whole "semi-rigid" construction thing (I'll have to see it for myself), but here's something I am sold on. Traxxas has a Lifetime Battery Exchange program. In first year after purchase, Traxxas will replace "any battery found to be defective at no cost". More than a year and your battery blows up? Not to worry. "After one year, any Power Cell LiPO battery in any condition can be exchanged for a new equivalent battery for just 50% of the new packs price, no questions asked." The packs are pricey, but with that warranty, maybe it's worth it, no? I'll upload the press release when I get it, but for now, visit the Power Cell Overview page at Traxxas' website for more information.