Website Updates (New Clearance Page!)

I know it's been a long while since I've updated the front page. The store has been really busy lately (yay!) and I've been working with plenty of customers, getting their old cars or trucks or airplanes up and running, or setting them up with shiny new cars or trucks or airplanes or helicopters. It's been a busy couple of week since the last update. But I haven't been slacking off. Oh no, there's been work done on the website.

New Navigation
I've tweaked the navigation on the pages slightly. First off, there are no more sliding boxes. It was really slow on older computers, and it wasn't as fast (in general) as I'd like it to be. So I killed those off in favor of simple link that lead you to...
Product "Hub" Pages
Because of the new navigation, I had to have an easy way for users to get to where they want to go. So I came up with a "hub" style page, which links you to all the content in that category. For instance, the Radio Control Hub has the various cars, trucks, airplanes, batteries, radios, and chargers that you'd expect. Both the Radio Control Hub and General Hobby Hub are works in progress, and more will be added as it comes online.
Aircraft Radios and Batteries
I have added Aircraft Radios and Surface Batteries product pages. Now you can scroll through the key features and pricing for all of the aircraft radios we carry and some we can order in. Same thing goes for the Surface batteries.
New Links page
I completely re-did the links page, making it more readable and user-friendly. I also added a couple of links to it, and removed the Downloads page entirely, instead folding it into the new Resources & Links page. So that's where you can find our downloads from now on.
Photos Facelift
The Photos page has been simplified, removing the pop-up window and having more of a straight-up gallery.
New Clearance Page
And finally, there is a new and improved Clearance Section page. In addition to the facelift, there is more merchandise on there. Check the page for some deals so great, we can't tell you what the price is on the web (seriously). I'll try to update this page more frequently from here on out, but no promises.

So, as you can see, it hasn't been an "all play, no work" couple of weeks for us here at the shop. We're always working to make our website, store, and community a better place to be, hang out, and have fun in. So check back frequently and see where we are from time to time. And keep an eye out for some product announcements - a little bird told me there is some cool stuff coming out in the next few weeks.

And please: if you're an active member of the local R/C community, Fan us on Facebook. We have a great community of people over there, and it's a great place for us all to interact and have conversations. We're just shy of 260 fans, and I'd love to reach 300 by the end of the year, if not before. So join our Facebook community!