Toledo Time, 2011-Style!

It's Toledo time! A huge thanks to everyone that signed up. We're a grand total of 52 passengers strong this year. That's pretty amazing! We didn't quite sell out like I had hoped, but it has been a great registration period either way. And the enthusiasm for the trip from folks has been great as well. To those that had to cancel, it's a bummer it didn't work out, but I hope we see you on the bus next year.

I'll be taking video and photos while we're there - of new products, the beautifully crafted models (airplanes, guys - airplane models) on display, and other various things that strike my fancy. You can also follow out activity on our Twitter feed, @rogershobbyshop. I'll be updating that frequently as the day progresses onward.

And I'll be starting the Toledo Trip blog back up, where you can find all my posts relating to the Toledo Trip. I don't have it up yet, so look for the link sometime next week.

As a side note, neither myself or Roger will be at the store Friday, April 1st (tomorrow), due to us both being on the bus trip. We will be back in the store on Saturday morning, like normal.