Blade 450 Announced, ParkZone Mosquito in Stock

I know I'm a little late on this one, but Horizon Hobby announced a new helicopter last week (seems to be a weekly occurrence now, huh?). It's designed for out-of-the-box aggressive 3D flying, while reducing the amount of set-up required from a pilot. It boasts a new gyro using the most up-to-date MEMS technology to provide the best heading hold on a Blade helicopter yet. It will be released in both Ready-to-Fly ($469.99) and Bind-N-Fly ($299.99) models. The Blade 450 is due out in late-April.

In other news, the Parkzone Mosquito Bind-N-Fly has arrived in stock. Priced at $119.99, this hot little micro is just waiting for you to get it in the air and rule the skies. It's the first ever twin-motor ultra micro offering from ParkZone, and it's a slick piece of business. Stop in and pick yours up today!