News Brief: DX3c, Electrix Boost, and New 2.8" Tires

It's taken them quite a while, but Spektrum has finally announced (in the US, at least) their newest pistol-grip surface radio. The DX3c is a new entry level radio system with mid-level features. Interestingly, it comes with an SD card slot for firmware updates and additional memory - something I wouldn't have thought would be on a radio this inexpensive. It has other computer radio functions - mixing, 20 model memory, and other standard programming options. The transmitter/receiver combo will be hitting the shelf at $129.99, which I think is an acceptable price, considering what you're getting. It's due to come out in late May.

Electrix has also taken a while to announce their latest creation. As previously reported, it's called the 'Boost', and it will sell for $119.99. I doubt it's going to be a great seller for us, as buggies don't really do well in this area. But I've got an open mind about it. We'll be keeping on eye on the demand level for this product going forward.

Pro-Line's news letter announced today that they'll be following up the Trencher tires, which were specifically designed to fit Traxxas' oddly-shaped bead on their rims, with four more popular treads. The Bow-Tie, Badlandz, Dirt Hawg, and RoadRage treads will all be adapted to fit Traxxas' stock 2.8" rims (which come on the Rustler and Stampede, both Nitro and Electric models). But if you're a 2.2" or 30 Series fan, don't worry. These are additional SKUs; they're not replacing the already-existing versions.

And finally, I just wanted to point your attention to our Electric R/C Trucks page, where I've added two of our regularly carried rock crawlers, the "Dingo" and "Honcho" versions of the SCX10. Both are the Ready-to-Run models, and though I don't currently have any in stock (they are back-ordered), we will be carrying them regularly for the foreseeable future.

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