New Spektrum Surface Radio (and Electrix Buggy)

Before I get into any news, I just want to point out this awesome old picture I found in Roger's desk one day. Those daper young lads are, from left to right, Jason R., Ron D., and Roger himself. This will be the new generic news header if I have no other banner for it. Get used to seeing this image alot; I love it.

So, I was talking to a contact of mine at Horizon Hobby, and the conversation turned to the Nuremberg Toy Fair. He asked if I had seen any of the new product announcements that happened there (for those of you that don't know, the Nuremberg Toy Fair is one of the largest, if not THE largest, toy and hobby show in the world). I replied that I hadn't. And he provided me with this link and nothing more. And I didn't lift the images, because they are copyrighted, and I didn't want to take the time to ask permission (which probably wouldn't have been granted anyway). As soon as I can get images of my own, I will post them. For now, click the link for the original images, taken by R/C Driver magazine.

When you click through, you'll see a few of the announcements that were made. HPI had a few new cars (nothing much to get excited about, in my opnion). But the one that got my salivary glands pumping was the brand new Spektrum Radio. Called the "DX3c", it's a computerized version of the DX3e, complete with mixing capabilites. And while there is no information yet as to whether the 3rd channel is capable of being a 3-position switch (which is a big deal to the crawler crowd), that information will come out in time. Sources say it will be priced at around $99, which is awesome.

Also announced was a new 2WD buggy from Electrix R/C, called the "Boost" (priced at $119.99). I can't say I'm super excited about a buggy, as we don't sell many of the low-ground-clearance vehicles at all, regardless of manufacturer. But as Electrix continues to build its brand, they are going to be a formidable force in the budget R/C world.

One more thing: as I was talking with my contact, it was brought up that they had more than 12,000 Circuits sold. Wow! Those are some amazing numbers for such a new brand. Way to go, guys!