Holy Aircraft Annoucement, Batman!

Yesterday's massive snow day didn't slow down Horizon Hobby. They came out swinging this morning, announcing four new aircraft, three of which got be particularly excited. They are all in the Ultra-Micro category, and one is a helicopter I have been waiting on for over three years. I'm stoked to see these flying at the Ryder Center soon after they get released.

First up, is the new Ultra-Micro Mosquito Mk I from ParkZone. This little guy is a twin-blade, 4-channel ultra-micro, a first of it's kind from ParkZone. It features independent aileron servos, counter-rotating twin props, a steerable tail wheel, and a cool clear canopy. It will come with a 250mAh 1S Lipo and a DC variable rate charger. It's coming out as a Bind-N-Fly Model, and will be priced at $119.99. Due Early March 2011.

Second up is the new Ultra-Micro F4U Corsair from ParkZone. This thing looks so cool! It's got a three-bladed prop, molded panel lines, a clear canopy, and two sets of decals for two of the most famous Corsair pilots. The landing gear are removable, and it has a steerable tail wheel. It also comes with a 150mAh 1S Lipo battery, and a DC charger. It'll be available in both Ready-to-Fly ($139.99) and Bind-N-Fly ($109.99) flavors, and is due out late April.

And finally, the helicopter I have been waiting for, literally, for over three years. Ever since the Blade mCX came out, and then the Blade mSR, we've wanted a collective-pitch Ultra-Micro helicopter. And today, Horizon announced the end of our waiting. Enter the Blade mCP X. This guy is slightly bigger than the mSR, and slightly smaller than the 120SR. It's fully 3D capable, with maneuvers including inverted hovers, loops, rolls, flips, funnels, and hurricanes. And it's flybarless! It's packaged with two 220mAh 1S Lipo batteries, and a AC/DC variable rate charger. It will come in both Ready-to-Fly ($219.99) and Bind-N-Fly ($179.99), and it will be out Mid-March (not soon enough!).

Other announcements included a Hanger 9 35% Extra 300 ARF, an 8ight 2.0 4wd Buggy kit, an 8ight-T 2.0 Truggy kit, and some new Spektrum technology, called DSMX, that is designed for venues with upwards of a hundred radios in one place. You can check all that out at Horizon Hobby's website.