New Electrix truck - "Torment" SCT

I know I'm late to the games on this one, but I was waiting on some important information before discussing it. Electrix is coming out with a short-course truck, and I'm kinda excited about it. First of all, it's basically a Ruckus with different rims, tires, and a body. Same chassis as a Ruckus, same transmission. Which is both good news and bad news, especially for those of us hoping for a metal gear transmission out of the box.

But, the cool factor is ratcheted up by the inclusion of a genuine Spektrum radio! The DX2e is being shipped with the Torment, as the truck is called, marking the beginning of the end to Electrix radio issues (we hope). All of this for the inital price tag of $159.99! Look for them late October.