Three New UMX Airplanes From E-Flite

Three new airplanes from E-Flite! First is the popular GeeBee R2. It combines scale looks and robust performance into one package. Second is the new crazy-looking Hyper Taxi. This VTOL aircraft is sure to get your adrenalin pumping! Both are priced at $169.99, come in Bind-N-Fly format, and are due sometime in December.

The third aircraft is a reboot of the UMX Beast - now called the UMX Beast 3D. It's priced at $139.99 in a Bind-N-Fly Basic format (meaning just the airframe - no accessories). It's due out in December as well.

All three of these airplanes have E-Flite's new AS3X stabilization system on board for extra smooth flights. Check out more info on that technology here.