New 4x4 Losi SCT, Horizon stocks AR.Drone Quadricopter

Hey, hobby fans! I was perusing my e-mail inbox today, and found an announcement from Horizon Hobby about two really cool new products.

The first one I reported on back in July '10, when it was just a prototype. It's a new Short-Course Truck (SCT) from Team Losi. It's based on the popular Ten-T chassis, and is going to be available as a rolling chassis sometime in early March. It's going to launch at $299.99. Keep in mind, that's a "rolling chassis" - which means it will need a battery, charger, motor, speed control, servo, and radio system. It also comes with a clear body, so you'll need paint to finish it off. I suspect you racers out there will really like this truck - it did quite well in its prototype stage.

The other big announcement was Horizon's pick up of Parrot Inc. as a product line. That means the company's hit helicopter, the iPod Touch/iPad/iPhone controlled "AR.Drone", is now available to purchase from Horizon - which means it's also available to us! I'm not sure at this time if we'll be carrying it (it's kind of expensive - $299.99 for the heli, and you still need an iOS device to fly it), but we can always special order them in! Check out the video below for a preview of what the AR.Drone Quadricopter can do.

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