Ryder Center Dates Announced

That's right, indoor pilots! The 2010-2011 dates for the Ryder Center indoor fun-flys have finally been announced. I know some of you were a bit miffed when the first date came and went without many  (including us) being notified. But now we have the full schedule, and all has been forgiven.

You can click here for the full list of Ryder Center dates, and, for future reference, it's also listed under the "Resources" tab on the main navigation bar.

One thing to note: there is a Friday on the list this year, and it's in January. The time will remain the same, however.

For those that keep up on the calendar on our "Upcoming Events" page, I'll be updating that to show the Ryder Center dates as well.

I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone at the next event in October. It's coming up fast! Be ready to go by stopping in and picking up a Bind-N-Fly airplane or helicopter before the event! With models starting at $99, there's something for every skill level and pay grade here. I really like the HobbyZone Champ. It's a Ready-to-Fly beginner plane for only $99.99, and certainly able to fly in the Ryder Center. And the best part is, when the summer comes around again, you can fly it in your backyard as well!

Just remember though: you have to show your AMA card to fly. So, if you're interested in flying at the Ryder Center this year, I recommend taking a look at the AMA's Park Pilot Program. It's designed for indoor and outdoor electric pilots, and is cheaper than the standard AMA membership. There are some limits on the kind of planes you can fly, but anything capable of flying in the Ryder Center should be fair game. And at only $29.95 per year, it's the most affordable way to get AMA coverage. Check it out!

We'll see you all at the Ryder Center!