Happy Birthday to Our Website


Can you believe it’s already been a year since we launched our website? To celebrate the birthday of our website, I’ve completely re-designed the look and feel of the website. The product pages have been updated, the repairs page is back up and up-to-date, and there are more pages going live every day. Here’s hoping you’ll find the re-design easier to navigate and read!

And while the re-design isn’t being accompanied by the ability to purchase things off the site, it is still something that we are thinking about very much. We’re just not anywhere near ready to commit to anything like that yet. But if we should choose to do so, our website visitors will be the first to know.

But enough about the website – let’s get to the updates!

Our Facebook page has been rather active as of late: we’re up to 163 fans, and climbing! Our fans are making sure the page is ever-changing, with pictures of their R/C car bodies and conversations about what hop-ups are the best. Stop over and join the conversation!

First, a few stories from Horizon Hobby’s ParkZone division. There’s been a product bulletin released regarding the new ParkZone Extra 300. You can read the full bulletin here, but the short version is this: Despite what you may hear on the Internet forums, there is no defect with the wingtip airfoil shape of the airplane. However, ParkZone has found that the center-of-gravity does affect the low-speed handling of the airplane, and there is an error in the manual in regards to the CG location. ParkZone also cautions pilots that the Extra 300 is NOT a 3D aircraft; it is designed for sport- and precision-aerobatics. Making the airplane tail-heavy and increasing the elevator throws to make it fly in a 3D fashion is a good way to crash it in low-speed situations.

ParkZone has also revealed a new airplane to be released late September, the Stinson Reliant. It’s going to be available in a Plug-N-Play ($184.99) and Bind-N-Fly ($249.99). It combines classic looks and a parkflyer price. This video is courtesy Horizon Hobby, and should give you a feel for how the airplane will handle. We can start taking pre-orders now.





Coming up in August, the Saginaw Valley Radio Control Club is hosting a Club Invitational airshow. It’s free to attend, so be sure to mark your calendars for this one. Full details for the show are here.

On the R/C car front, there isn’t much to announce. We finally have a good supply of Venom Lipo battery packs in again (seems like we’ve been without them for a long time, so I’m glad to have them back!).

A customer sent me a link to a video that got him excited. After watching it, I can see why! It depicts a prototype Losi 4WD Short Course truck. According to R/C Car magazine, it seems to be built on the TEN-T chassis (which is a very capable truggy in and of itself). As you can see in the video, this thing corners like few 4WD short course trucks do, and even laps a couple of trucks toward the end of the video. It’s a great looking truck, but here’s the rub: After seeing the video, I reached out (via e-mail) to my contact at Horizon Hobby to get a comment on the pricing, availability, and release date. Here is what my source said:

“[T]here were some team drivers running some modified vehicles to test the possibility of making a 4WD Short Course. Since these were not even pre-production samples it is too early to even say if Losi will make one….”

Disappointing to say the least. But we’ll keep a close eye on this one. If this comes to pass, Losi may be able to redeem themselves from the embarrassment that the Strike (which has since been discontinued) was.





And finally, for our gaming customers, just want to remind you that Magic: The Gathering Core Set 2011 has been out for about a week and a half now. Booster packs for this, and other sets, run $3.29 here. So stop in and get them while they’re here!