Blade mCX2 In stock

The highly anticipated Blade mCX2 has arrived at the store. Many people have pointed out that this helicopter has big shoes to fill; the original mCX was the best-selling product we carried for the last three years. After flying the new one, I can honestly say this is a true sequel to the mCX.

The new flybar greatly increases the forward speed of the helicopter, as well as the overall manuverability. The new body has proved to be just as durable as the original. The top rotor head is absolutely huge, and will help increase the durability of that part (which was a frequently broken part on the mCX). They have made many improvements, and I can't tell you have I've found a downside to it yet. Even the price is the same.

We have both the Ready-To-Fly ($129.99) and Bind-N-Fly ($99.99) in stock at the time of this writing. And we will be carrying them regularly from now on (as availibility allows).

Stop on in and have us demo one for you!