Horizon Warns Against Fake Spektrum Products

Horizon Hobby released a statement today regarding the plethora of fake Spektrum-branded products that can be bought from importers through the internet. The statement was posted on the company's Facebook page around 3:00 EDT today. Here is the statement in whole, link at the bottom of the article.

"We have seen several e-mails from Chinese vendors offering the Spektrum AR6100 and AR6100E at very low prices. These receivers are not original Spektrum receivers, but are counterfeit copies, not manufactured by Spektrum, and do not use our specified components.

Consumers are cautioned to make sure they are purchasing o...riginal Spektrum receivers in original packaging. Vendors have the ability to make very visually similar copies, so unfortunately there is no way to easily distinguish between originals and copies. The best thing that consumers can do is to make sure they are purchasing their products from established hobby and model shops who buy directly from Horizon Hobby or from one of our international distributors (http://www.horizonhobby.com/StoreLocator/Default.aspx?Tab=Int).

In addition, some website are now offering receivers that claim compatibility with Spektrum or DSM2 technology. Horizon Hobby and our Spektrum team have not certified or authorized any other company’s claim of compatibility.

Horizon Hobby disclaims any all liability for any damages or claims arising from the use of any counterfeit Spektrum receiver or any receiver claiming DSM2 compatibility. The consumer assumes all liability for using such products.

Horizon’s is always striving to ensure your enjoyment in the hobby by developing and producing products to a tight standard of quality and performance. Don’t put your enjoyment at risk by utilizing imitation or untested generic components that could jeopardize the safety of your flying experience.

I personally have received a call from a gentleman in Bay City who imports radio control products, and he mentioned that one of the R/C helicopters he has uses a bind plug, similar in desciption to Spektrum's. So, don't think it can't happen in this area, and don't think it can't happen to you. Be sure when you purchase a Spektrum reciever, or anything else, that it is truly what it is purported to be.

Be safe everyone, and we'll see you in the store.



Source: Horizon Hobby Facebook Page