The Blade SRs are Coming!

The hype has reached critical levels. Everyone has been running around for the last three weeks trying to secure theirs. The release date has been pushed back numerous times. All this has lead to the most hyped radio control helicopter of all time. And now, the wait is finally over.

We've already received our first round of Blade SRs. And, unsurprisingly, they were sold out before they arrived. But now we have more shipping, and four of them are unspoken for.

So, if you want the most talked about helicopter in the hobby industry, drop what you're doing. Pick up the phone, or hop in the car. Any way you can, get in touch with us here at Roger's Hobby Center, and we'll set one aside for you. But if you don't act fast, you'll miss your opportunity to get yours. So hurry in, because they're going to go quick!