Product Page Overhaul

I've been working long hours and late nights for the last few weeks, all for you fine folks. We're starting to overhaul the product pages and make it simpler to browse. For instance, it has been hard to determine which of the products we list are items we stock regularly. Now, you can quickly see which products we regularly stock thanks to the icon present on the right side of the page. Most of the products also include a pop-up video for the item, as well as a review link (if we have written one about it).

These pages are simply for product information and pricing. We've determined that we will not be entering the online e-commerce world; at this point, we're too late in the game for our web presence to have any impact on the market at large. However, I would like to point out that we do accept legitimate (meaning not shopping from Hong Kong or Singapore) special orders through both our Facebook Fan Page and our e-mail addresses. This is mostly intended for individuals that are already customers; however, we will follow up on all legitimate inquiries, and look forward to providing everyone with the customer service you've come to expect from us.

At any rate, I hope the new layout of the product pages will make it easier for you to find the information you are looking for. There will be more categories up in the future. I know many people are waiting for airplanes to be put up. To you, all I can say is this: I'm working on it. The sheer number of items makes putting up the airplanes a daunting task, but I want to do it the right way instead of the quick way. So your patience is appreciated.

Batteries, chargers, fuel, R/C boats, and more will also be coming as quickly as I can get them up, with other categories to follow as time permits. Stick with us as we shape our website - it's been a ton of fun and it's only getting better!