The Beast is in; Ruckus on the way

After months of waiting, finally it's here: the myth, the legend, the BEAST! The Ultra-Micro Beast that is. Swooping on the store's shelves yesterday at $169.99 for the Bind-N-Fly biplane. This is the first-ever micro airplane from E-Flite to sport a brushless 180 motor, and a 2-cell LiPo battery - meaning that all 2.36 ounces of this airplane is going to scream! Should be a fun time at the Ryder Center indoor flying event next month. Could even make a great Christmas gift (wink wink). We only have three more on the shelf, and they're backordered again - until mid-December. So if you want one before Santa arrives, stop in and get one today.

And speaking of great Christmas present ideas, how about an inexpensive way to get your son or daughter into the world of radio controlled trucks? If that sounds like a great idea to you, you should stop in soon and check out the new Electrix R/C Ruckus! It's completely Ready-to-Run out of the box - there's nothing else to buy! It sits up high enough for playing in the grass, and will be perfect for a beginner to the hobby. And the best part of all is the price: at only $139.99, it's a great deal that won't break the bank. They just shipped, and we should have them in very soon.

Look for a hands-on video for the Ruckus as soon as I can get it shot and uploaded - and I need to get the trucks in first, of course. But in the mean time, check out the video links below for some awesome action from both The Beast and the Ruckus! Clicking on the images will make the video pop up.

The Beast
(Click Image for Video)
The Ruckus
(Click Image for Video)

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