New Indoor Planes

Even though the January Ryder Center event didn't go as planned, February's is just around the corner. That means you should pick up a new plane or two! Get one now, and you'll have time to set it up before the next indoor event. And we've got a couple new foamy planes in for all you indoor fliers.

First, from the same folks that brought you the Yak 54 foamy, Great Planes' ElectriFly brand has come out with their rendition of an Extra 330SC. This ARF features carbon fiber spars, and 3M Blenderm hinges (both are pre-installed!).The ailerons and elevator control surfaces also feature air brakes that extend below the wing, providing stability in many 3D maneuvers. As of this writing, we have two of them in stock, selling for $49.99

We also have the semi-new Ultra Micro P-51 from ParkZone back in stock. This Bind-N-Fly plane comes with a DC charger, 120mAh lipo battery, and double AA batteries. Just add a Spektrum, Parkzone, or E-Flite 2.4Ghz transmitter, and you've got control of the most popular airplane of WWII. If you're looking for a fast, indoor warbird, this plane is going to be the one you want. Right now, we have one in stock, selling for $99.99.

And many of you have been waiting for this little guy. E-Flite's Micro 4-Site has begun to ship! Right now, only the Bind-N-Fly planes are available, but the Plug-N-Play version should be available within the next couple of weeks. The Bind-N-Fly edition comes with the Celectra 4-Port Charger with AC power supply, two 150mAh batteries, and, of course, the airplane itself. All you need is a Spektrum, ParkZone, or E-Flite 2.4Ghz transmitter. We currently have two Bind-N-Fly Micro 4-Site Airplanes in stock, selling for $169.99. The Plug-N-Play version will sell for $109.99.

 So when you're ready for a new flying experience, keep us in mind. We're always getting new things in as the become available. And don't forget - your special orders are always welcome.

We'll see everyone February 21st - hopefully we'll see a few of these planes in the air!