Two New Coupons Up

Howdy, folks!

Just letting you know that we've taken down the old coupon, but we've put up two new ones in it's place!

Click on "Coupons" on the top navigation bar and voila! Two money-saving offers to help offset the cost of your favorite hobby.

The E-flite Blade mSR continues to sell well, and I'm continually impressed with the way it flies. I've had to replace only two parts since taking to the air the first time, and trust me... it's seen it's fair share of impacts. It flies great, and I suspect you'll see quite a few of them out at SVSU's Ryder Center when the indoor season starts.

Speaking of which, we haven't seen any information on the dates for the Ryder Center indoor events yet, but rest assured when we do, we'll post them here.

Nothing much else to report, but things change all the time, so be sure to either subscribe to our RSS feed here or check back frequently.

Thanks for stopping by, and we hope to see you soon.