The Blade mSR is here!

We received our first shipment of the new E-Flite Blade mSR. Currently, all we have are Ready-to-Fly models (Bind-N-Fly models are coming, but I'm not sure when). A full parts supply is on the way, so we can help you fix it in the event you crash.

I took our store demo out of the box today and charged up a couple of Common Sense 130mAh batteries on the included 4-port AC charger. This heli flies. For those new to the fixed pitch, single rotor design, I'd recommend flying with the dual rates off (click the right thumbstick in to toggle dual rates).

The Blade mSR is crazy fast, and nimble too. It's also durable; I hit a couple of walls with it, and no broken parts resulted. I really enjoyed the short time I spent with the heli, and am looking forward to performing demos here in the store.


We have, at the time of this writing, five (5) of the new Ready-To-Fly E-Flite Blade mSRs in stock. Come get yours today!