Traxxas' Power-UP Program

Hi, folks. Just want to let you all know that we're proudly participating in Traxxas' new "Power-UP Program". It's an extention of the long running Engine Replacement Plan, but expanded to include Traxxas' brushless power systems and their new 2.4Ghz radios. And the best part is that you can exchange them here in the store! Just bring in your old equipment and we'll swap it out the same day, if we have the requested item on hand. If we don't, we'll do all the paperwork and send it in for you, saving you the time and hassle.

So, if you were thinking about upgrading your Rustler, Stampede, or Slash to brushless power, or want to ensure no interferance with a 2.4GHz radio, you can get it all with Traxxas' Power-UP Program, available through Roger's Hobby Center and other hobby shops around the country.