Traxxas Releases New "Traxx" All-Terrain Tracks for TRX-4


While these were teased at the Nuremberg Toy Fair in late January, Traxxas had been remarkably silent on these show-stoppers until yesterday, when Traxxas announced not only the part number and price, but that they were in fact shipping now! Here’s what Traxxas had to say in the press release:

New all-terrain Traxx™ provides the most significant traction upgrade you can make to the TRX-4. The TRX-4 already has a go-anywhere attitude and the gear to match, but installing a set of Traxx yields a machine that feels practically unstoppable on virtually any terrain. The enormous contact patch and grippy treads shrug off the deepest mud and float across deep sand. Traxx raises the portal axles even higher (over 16mm!) for increased ground clearance that lets you straddle huge obstacles on the trail.

Each Traxx drive unit is engineered for rugged, yet smooth performance. An adjustable tension wheel keeps the treads tight while suspended road wheels allow the tread to conform to surface irregularities for maximum traction. Oil-filled dampers on each drive unit control rotational movements to help keep the tread glued to the surface. The rear Traxx drive units are longer to allow climbing steeper grades with authority.

Unlike tires with foam inserts, Traxx won't absorb water no matter how wet they get. Hardened steel stub axles, rubber-sealed ball bearings for the main drive wheels, and self-lubricating metal bushings everywhere else provide carefree all-weather fun. Best of all, they come pre-assembled and mount to any TRX-4 in just minutes.



The Traxx are sold in a set of four and will sell for $199.99. Traxxas recommends TRX-4 owners upgrade to the 2255 steering servo and high-output BEC (2262) to get the most out of the Traxx, as well as installing the Long Arm Lift Kit to gain ground clearance and minimize body trimming. Additionally, Traxxas recommends using only low gear on TRX-4s equipped with the two-speed transmission and keeping the front and rear differentials locked in you have the remotely-lockable diffs.

Look for these to hit the shelf next week. If you want to guarantee your set, stop in and we’ll order some special just for you!


Buddy Baker Model Kit Pulls into Victory Lane


Salvino’s JR Models released another brand-new NASCAR kit! This time, it’s Buddy Baker’s 1987 Monte Carlo pulling into position on our shelf. Like most (if not all) of Salvinos’ kits, this one is made in the United States, and includes 140+ unpainted pieces, 17 chromed parts, high-definition decals, and instructions. The kits runs $39.99, and no serious NASCAR fan will want to miss this one!


Traxxas K5 Blazers Now Available to All


We’ve blown through our pre-orders and now have Traxxas TRX-4 K5 Blazers on the shelf! If you’ve been waiting for your chance to get in on the latest TRX-4 craze, now is your chance. We have three orange/white Blazers on the shelf at the moment, but don’t wait too long. We don’t expect them to stick around long, and the truck is still on backorder status at Traxxas. Get yours today!


New Traxxas Steel Center Differential Announced


Traxxas announced a new heavy-duty center differential for 1/10 scale 4X4 trucks. Like the Torque-Biasing Center Drive found in the X-Maxx and E-Revo, the heavy-duty center differential replaces the stock slipper clutch to absorb shocks and improve driveline durability in high-power applications. The center differential distributes power to all four wheels for extreme 3-cell LiPo acceleration and consistent, hard launches.

Retail price for the new assembly is $75.00, and will be in stock around early May. This upgrade will be a must-have item for anyone running the larger Sidewinder 8th brushless system, or even Traxxas’ own MXL-6S or VXL-6S combos. Pair this with Traxxas’ steel CVDs ($70/pair) and harden your drivetrain for the ultimate in durability!