Spring Closeouts at Roger's

It's time for some spring cleaning! We've marked down more than a dozen products to clear out room for new arrivals, so stop in and save some green on the products below — before they disappear from our shelves for good!



Blade mSR S Ready-to-Fly

was $119.99

Now Only $99.99

Blade mSR S Bind-N-Fly

was $99.99

Now Only $79.99


RISE HouseRacer FPV Ready-to-Fly

was $179.99

Now Only $149.99


Great Planes Ultra Sport 46 ARF

was $199.99

Now Only $169.99


Dromida 1:18 Touring Car

was $109.99

Now Only $89.99


Spektrum DX7 Transmitter Only

was $299.99

Now Only $239.99

Spektrum DX7 Transmitter & Receiver

was $349.99

Now Only $279.99


Dromida Twin Explorer Airplane

was $49.99

Now Only $29.99


Blade 230 S Bind-N-Fly

was $249.99

Now Only $209.99


Inventory Reduction


Blade 120 S Ready-to-Fly

was $149.99

Now Only $129.99


RealFlight X (Full Version)

was $179.99

Now Only $159.99

RealFlight X (Software Only)

was $99.99

Now Only $79.99


All prices are only valid for in-stock items, and will not be valid on any special orders. Limited stock available, so act fast!

New Traxxas Ford GT On Display

2017-04-21 10.13.20.jpg

If you're interested in the new Ford GT by Traxxas, listen up: Traxxas has shipped us a pre-release model to show off in the store. Now, you can check it out and handle it before it releases!

The Traxxas Ford GT will sell for $299.99 when it releases in mid-May, and boasts some features we haven't seen from Traxxas before, like realistic-looking (but non-functional) brake rotors and calipers, a new dual-height battery hold-down, adjustable body mounts (so you can run either 190mm bodies or 200mm bodies) and an all-wheel drive chassis. It also comes standard with Traxxas' TSM stability tech, making it easier than ever to drive.

Stop in and check out the new Ford GT, and if you like what you see, get your pre-order in to be first in line to receive yours!

2017 Toledo Bus Trip Weather Update

Some of our Toledo Trip attendees have asked if the trip is still on track. This question comes as we brace for yet another (and hopefully final) winter storm. Snow storms like this are not unheard of in April, and we've certainly dealt with our fair share of weather issues in the past, and this storm will be no different.

First, I assure you that the trip is still going as planned as of this moment. If, for some reason, Blue Lakes cancels the trip of their own accord, we will of course reach out to all of you as soon as we know. Barring that, however, the trip will proceed as planned.

However, I know that it is likely some of you will be unable to reach your designated pickup location - especially some of our patrons to the north. In the event that you cannot attend the trip, please contact us, either via email to info (at) rogershobbycenter (dot) com or via the following phone number (now redacted).

This phone number will send you directly to a voicemail account set up solely for the purposes of receiving messages from folks that must cancel their reservation. We ask that you call, if at all possible, before 7:00AM Friday morning to let us know you will not make it, so we are not waiting for someone that will not be showing up. 

In the event that cancellations do occur, we will examine the possibility of partial refunds, even while our official trip policy states that none can be given. This is obviously an extenuating circumstance, and we will do what we can to ensure as much fairness as possible, given the situation.

Any further questions can be directed to myself at (989) 790-0080 (from 10AM until 6PM Thursday) or via email at info (at) rogershobbycenter (dot) com. I hope to see all of you on the bus, and please, be safe in this adverse weather conditions.

Blade 130S In Stock Now!

Julian shows off the new Blade 130S collective-pitch helicopter, which recently arrived on our shelves! The 130S is a return to form for Blade, adapting the popular 130X platform to the new age of SAFE technology and adding in a brushless tail motor to boot.

The Blade 130S is available as either a Ready-to-Fly model ($249.99) or a Bind-N-Fly Basic model ($199.99). As of writing this, we have both on hand. Stop in today and start flying!

New Puzzles In Stock

We've received a new shipment of puzzles - nearly two dozen of them! Check out the gallery below for images of some of them!

FREE Plastic Model Make 'N Take Soon

Once again, in collaboration with the Mid-Michigan Model Makers club, we'll be hosting a free plastic model Make 'N Take event on Saturday, April 1st, from 11am until 2pm! It a great way to introduce your kids, grandkids, neighbors, or just about anyone else to the joys of plastic model building!

To learn more, visit our Make 'N Take page!

Losi Rock Rey is Here!

The Losi Rock Rey ($449.99) has arrived, coming with a realistic 4WD chassis, long-travel suspension, an LED light bar, heavy-duty metal gear differentials, and a Dynamite power system. The most important feature, though, is Spektrum's AVC stability. Vehicles like the Rock Rey and it's main competitor, the Axial Yeti, have a tendency to be difficult to control on takeoff, but AVC should solve that problem, allowing the Rock Rey to have superior handling over its competition.

The Losi Rock Rey requires a 2S-3S LiPo battery and charger.

Check out the video above, and stop in to see the Rock Rey in person!

New in Stock: E-Flite UMX Waco

Newly arrived in our store is the E-Flite UMX Waco BL BNF Basic ($129.99). It features classic scale details, a wide flight envelope, brushless power, and a steerable tail wheel. The UMX waco uses a 2S 200mAh - 280mAh battery, and requires both the battery and the charger, which are sold separately.

The Waco also boasts Horizon's exclusive AS3X stabilization system, making it easier for this micro airplane to fly outdoors.

If classic looks are your thing, hurry in and pick one up!

8S X-Maxx Has Arrived!

Ready to use that impending tax return on something BIG and POWERFUL? If so, it's your lucky day: the all-new 8S X-Maxx has arrived! Of our initial four, one is already gone, leaving three of these bad-ass monster trucks left on the shelf. One could be yours!

Featuring all-new (and upgraded) differentials, rear body reinforcement, integrated wheelie bar, and the brand-new 8S Velineon ESC, the new X-Maxx is all about power. If your RC stable has room for one more, make it the new 8S X-Maxx!

Plastic Model Contest 2/4/17!

Every year, the local plastic model club, the Mid-Michigan Model Makers, throw a big contest for plastic model makers around the state and beyond. The big day is tomorrow, February 4th, 2017, and it's open to the public!


Knights of Columbus Hall
360 S. River Road, Bay City, MI

Free General Admission

Registration: 8am - 11am • Judging: 12pm - 4pm
A great way to spend the day with your family!

Weekly eFly Announced for Winter

In a surprising move, the owner of the Tri-City Sports Complex in Auburn has announced a weekly indoor fun fly, every Wednesday from 1PM to 4PM. It costs $15 per pilot, but there is no mention of a charge for spectators. This is welcome for all R/C pilots that are available in the afternoon and would like to get some more flying in during the winter.

These events are NOT sanctioned by the AMA, and therefore no AMA card or membership is required, opening the event to those that have decided against joining the aviation organization.

This is great news, and I hope that pilots take advantage of this opportunity, lest it disappear for lack of attendance.

Retro Release: New Blade mSR S in Stock

The Blade mSR was a great selling, and great flying, fixed-pitch helicopter years ago. It even cracked the Top Ten list back in 2009. With the last few years being dominated by drones, however, the mSR was retired and discontinued. Fast forward to today, though, and the mSR is once again gracing our shelves in its new, technologically-advanced form: the mSR S. combining a solid helicopter from the past with the stabilization technology of today.

From Horizon's website: "Modeled after the popular ultra-micro Blade® mSR heli, the Blade® mSR S is a great way to step up from coaxial helis and multirotor drones to a single-rotor machine. Fixed-pitch, flybarless rotor simplicity lets you enjoy extra speed and agility with a durable and efficient design. The included 1S 150mAh battery has a higher 45C discharge rate, so you get more responsive power while keeping the battery weight the same. Exclusive SAFE® and AS3X® technology helps keep you in control by delivering the stability you need to develop confidence quickly. The variable high and low rate modes allow each flight to match your flying style and environment. Even experienced single-rotor pilots will find the mSR S great to have around whenever the time, place or weather keeps you from flying a bigger heli."

We have both the Ready-to-Fly ($119.99) and Bind-N-Fly ($99.99) versions on the shelf. This is a great way to beat the winter blues and gets some indoor flying done!

New E-Flite Valiant 1.3M Airplane In Stock!

Arriving this week is the new E-Flite Valiant Bind-N-Fly Basic. With a 53" wingspan, the Valiant is one of the largest of the recent crop of airplanes that E-Flite and Horizon has released. From the Horizon website:

"The Valiant 1.3m park flyer is a downsized version of the big Hangar 9 Valiant 30cc ARF. Like its giant-scale sibling, it has the inherent stability of a classic high-wing model but with more modern lines and larger control surfaces that can provide sporty response when you want it. This Bind-N-Fly® version comes with the added benefit of a Spektrum™ AS3X receiver that features optional SAFE Select technology."

The Valiant sells for $199.99 for the BNF-Basic setup. Stop in and check out this slick aircraft for yourself! 

Take Off with the Convergence VTOL

It's a plane. It's a drone. It's the new E-Flite Convergence VTOL (Vertical Take Off & Landing) aircraft, and it's in stock now!

Featuring three brushless motors, including two that tilt up, the Convergence blends the performance of a delta-wing airplane with the controllability of a multi-rotor drone. It's a great product for a drone pilot interested in fixed-wing aircraft, or vice-versa. It can even be set up for FPV flight!

Pick up yours for only $249.99 (Bind-N-Fly Version)!

HobbyZone Rezo has Arrived

The newest micro-drone in the HobbyZone product line has finally come in! It features a 480p camera built in - and this thing is like a couple of inches square! It also features auto-takeoff and auto-land, as well as a headless mode for those new to flying.

Stop in and get yours today - and they make great stocking stuffers! Only $39.99!

RealFlight X In Stock Now!

RealFlight is still one of the best ways to learn how to fly R/C aircraft. The physics, graphics, and overall polish to the program makes it stand out among the numerous R/C flight simulators as the best of the best, and now, it takes that title one step further.

The newest release, RealFlight X, is a huge step forward in graphics, performance, and realism. it adds features life FPV drone racing courses to keep up with the ever-changing world of R/C flight. Whether you yearn to pilot drones, race quadcopters, knife-edge airplanes, or hover helicopters, RealFlight X has an aircraft for you.

It's worth noting that, unlike the last few versions of RealFlight, there is no upgrade path from a previous version to RF-X; you need to purchase the entire package. This is due to the complete overhaul of the entire simulator and brand-new physics engine.

Please check out the system requirements below before you purchase, as software cannot be returned once sold. Make sure your computer can run the program! If you're not sure what your PC's specs are, download and install the Belarc Advisor. Run the program, print out the results, and, if you're not able to interpret them, bring the results to us. We can at least let you know if your computer can handle RF-X.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows 7, 8, or 10 (64-bit)
  • Quad-Core Processor
  • Direct-X 11 Compatible Graphics Card w/ 2GB Memory (GTX 460 or better)
  • Integrated graphics NOT recommended
  • 30GB Hard Drive Space
  • 4GB Ram
  • DVD Drive
  • At Least 1 Open USB Port

Optimal System Requirements

  • Intel Core i7-6700 Processor
  • nVidia GTX1080 or equivalent
  • 32GB Ram
  • SSD Drive

Now through November 19th, Roger's Hobby Center Rewards Customers can purchase RealFlight X at a discount! See us in the store for details!

Inductrix FPV In Stock!

As we said back in August, the Blade Inductrix FPV is a product that we're really excited about, and now it's here! We have twelve of these tiny FPV machines in stock, and they are tremendously fun to fly. I have personally gotten to pilot it around the store, and it's truly a blast. I've never been one for FPV flying before, and I think the Inductrix FPV might just change my mind.

Hold races in your basement and invite your friends over! Zoom it around your office on your lunch break! However and wherever you fly, the Inductrix FPV is a great way to get into the FPV side of the hobby. Pick up yours today for only $199.99, completely Ready-to-Fly!

DX6e Radio System Has Arrived

It you're in the market for a less expensive alternative to the Spektrum DX6 transmitter, but don't want to compromise on the great programming features it offers, then check out the new DX6e!

Designed to replace the aging DX6i transmitter, the DX6e offers the same programming features, multiple wing types, 250 model memory, and channel assignments that the DX6 has. The only features lacking are a training cord plug (but you can still utilize the wireless training link Spektrum offers) and the voice alerts feature. The case is entirely plastic, much like the DXe transmitter, but that don't really detract from the look and feel of the transmitter.

The new DX6e is available with a six channel AR610 receiver for only $179.99, and if you don't need the receiver, you can purchase the transmitter alone for $149.99, and they are in stock now!

E-Flite UMX Yak 54 3D In Stock

What perfect timing! With the first indoor eFly happening this weekend, the folks at Horizon picked the perfect week to launch the new UMX Yak 54! Based on the very-popular AS3Xtra design, the UMX Yak 54 delivers great indoor 3D performance and a slick trim scheme to match.

The UMX Yak 54 3D BNF Basic requires a battery, charger, and Spektrum transmitter. It sells for $99.99, and is in stock now! Pick one up for the weekend!