New Puzzle Vendor + More Puzzles Arrive!

springboc puzzles.jpg

While it seems like summer’s weather is starting to stabilize into something other than rain every day, the occasional shower might just rain on your parade (or planned picnic). When that happens you might need some other activity to keep yourself or your loved ones busy. Thankfully, we’ve received our first shipment from Springbok Puzzles! More than two dozen unique puzzles hit the shelves today, with subject matter to please all ages. Piece counts range from 350 to 1,500, but the majority are either 500 or 1,000 piece puzzles. Springbok uses thicker than average chipboard for their puzzles, plus unique dies for each piece means no two pieces (in the same puzzle) are alike — no more putting the wrong piece in the wrong spot.

Prices vary, so stop in and check out our new puzzle selection today!

New MPC Dodge Pickup Model Arrives


Today we took delivery of a new model from MPC: a 1978 Dodge D100 Pick Up Truck with Mini Bike. It comes with an all-new decal sheet with “colorful options”, a long bed with flip-down tailgate, a detailed engine, jack and tool box, optional flasher and flood lights, and more! Most of the parts are molded in white. Interested? This kit runs $32.99 and is available now!


Two New Highly-Anticipated Plastic Models Arrive


Summer may just be warming up, but those model builders out there still need something fun to do when the weather won’t cooperate. This week, two new and much-anticipated model kits arrived in the store to ease that rainy summer boredom. First, Salvinos Jr. Models released the 1979 Oldsmobile 442 the King himself, Richard Petty, drove to victory. The model kit comes with over 110 unpainted parts, 17 chromed parts, high-def decals and full instructions — and like all of Salvinos Jr Model kits, it’s made in the USA. The kit runs $39.99 and is sure to give a NASCAR fan something to get excited about.

The next new kit is the Moebius Models 1965 Ford F-100 Service Truck by Model King. It features large door mirrors, an 8ft utility bed, work truck decals, and a 352 cubic inch V8 engine. This kit sells for $39.95, and is available today!


NEW DEMO: Traxxas TRX-4 Sport with Traxx


Over the weekend, Traxxas announced their newest addition to the rapidly-expanding TRX-4 product line. It’s a version of the TRX-4 Sport loaded up with lots of goodies. First, foremost, and most obviously, the wheels and tires have been swapped for the new Traxx, giving this truck a larger contact patch and grippy treads, which help it shrug off the deepest mud and float across sand. Traxx’ increases ground clearance and approach angles to let you straddle even larger obstacles and climb steeper grades without breaking a sweat.


Next, we move on to the pre-installed LED light kit, which features headlights, taillights, and a wide 28-LED rack-mounted light bar, all fully waterproof for all-weather adventure. The injection molded grill and tailgate feature integrated lenses for additional scale detail and protect the LEDs.

Finally, the TRX-4 Traxx Edition includes an entire complement of scale accessories. The tough and functional Expedition Rack comes outfitted with a replica snorkel, side mirrors, traction boards, fire extinguisher, jack, and canisters for extreme scale detail. Inner fenders and clear windows give the TRX-4 a realistic scale appearance.

Best of all, we have a DEMO! Stop in and check it out and take it for a spin. Pre-orders are welcome!

Already have a TRX-4 and thinking about the Traxx? We have those in stock as well as the Traxxas-recommended lift kit and higher-torque servo. Outfit your TRX-4 with some awesome accessories!