Listen to Our New Radio Ads, Featuring Roger Himself!

Roger Recording Ads.jpg

We’ve done a lot of radio ads over the last few years, and some of you know that all of our ads are written in house — we don’t contract with some to write them for us. Something most of you don’t know, though, is that from time to time, my sister and I recorded some of the radio ads we ran a long time ago.

Now we can add Roger himself to the list of people who have recorded a radio ad for Roger’s Hobby Center. Take a listen to the new ads, and keep an ear out for them running on Z93.3 and Wheelz 104.5!

Joe Ambrose, Horizon Hobby's CEO, Passes Away at 61


On January 7th, Horizon Hobby took to Facebook to announce the unexpected passing of their CEO, Joe Ambrose, at the age of 61. While we didn’t always agree with the actions Horizon took under his leadership, Joe left an indelible imprint on the hobby industry and we send our deepest condolences to his family, friends, and the whole of Horizon Hobby for their loss. Obviously, it’s too soon for Horizon to have publicly discussed a candidate for the position of CEO, but we expect that to happen in the near future. In the meantime, according to Horizon’s Facebook post, “[t]he executive leadership of Horizon Hobby will work closely with their board of directors during the transition”.

Check out the Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette for a retrospective of Joe’s life and impact.


Traxxas Brushed Rustler 4x4 In Stock!


Traxxas’ newest speed demon has hit the shelves! The brushed version of the Rustler 4x4 comes with a rechargeable battery and DC charger — just add four AA batteries and hit the streets! While we’re still working through our pre-orders on the VXL version, you can take home the brushed version today!

The Rustler 4x4 runs $299.99. Pick up yours today!


Racer's Edge Pro Servo Tape and New Wrench Set In Stock

2018-10-20 16.25.50.jpg

When Parma was dropped by basically every hobby vendor, one of the biggest things we lost was their popular clear servo tape. It came off clean and without residue, something many people liked, but especially those that often switched electronics from one vehicle to another. Thankfully, Racer’s Edge picked up the tape, and now we have it back in stock. The roll sells for $7, and is well worth the cost.

In other news, anyone that’s used allen wrenches for more than ten seconds can tell you how much of a pain they are, but many people still use the wrenches that come included with their ready-to-run vehicles because the nice, aluminum handled wrenches are too expensive, so we were quite pleased to find Racer’s Edge has a high-quality, yet inexpensive, metric wrench set. The set runs just $19.99 and comes with 1.5MM, 2.0MM, and 2.5MM — the standard sizes for most R/C cars and trucks today. The tips are even replaceable!

Both the servo tape and the wrench sets are in stock now!


Our Testors Acrylic Rack is Refilled!

2018-10-20 16.26.23.jpg

Some of you, over the last few months, have pointed out our Testors acrylic rack had begun to look a little… empty. This was a direct result of Hobbico’s demise in April — we bought our paint from them, and Horizon continually refuses to sell it by the bottle like Hobbico did, and since we don’t sell enough acrylic paint to justify stocking six of each color at the same time, the rack went without restocking for the entire summer.

Until, that is, we signed up with a new distributor. Heartland Hobby Wholesale, located in Nebraska, has plenty of general hobby products for us to order, and they sell Testors by the bottle — which means our racks are full again! We’re happy to add Heartland to our expanding roster of vendors, and if you’re a Testors acrylic fan, you should be happy too!


Horizon Announces Inductrix Switch... Is It Cool?

Blade Inductrix Switch.jpg

The rigid molded plastic of the main quad frame is extremely durable and able to take bumps and crashes. If you do end of cracking the frame, the removable and replaceable ducts make it easy to swap one out without having to replace the whole frame — something owners of previous Inductrix models will surely appreciate. Additionally, conformal coated electronics make the Inductrix Switch splash proof! Land, sea, air... the Inductrix Switch looks like it can handle them all.

The Inductrix Switch is due out in late September, and it will sell as an RTF (Ready-to-Fly/Float) for just $79.99. Will this be the ultimate R/C Christmas gift this year? Is the concept cool? What do you think of this new R/C product? Let us know on our Facebook page.

Today Horizon released information on the brand new Blade Inductrix Switch, a hybrid quadcopter and hovercraft. If features unique snap-in modular design, quickly transforming from a hovercraft to a drone in seconds — no tools are required. The Inductrix Switch has multiple control schemes, one for drone operation, and two for the hovercraft. The molded EPP foam skirt offers solid durability when inevitably bumping into walls, doors, or sliding around outside, and EPP’s anti-dent features will keep the foam skirt looking like-new long after you take it out of the box.


Traxxas Announces Rustler 4x4 Models


Traxxas just announced the vehicle we've been waiting forever to see — the Rustler 4x4 VXL! This new four-wheel-drive Rustler features a new clip-less body system, much like the E-Revo 2.0 and the X-Maxx. It also has new extreme-duty driveshafts, an integrated wheelie bar, a clip-less battery hold-down, and new Talon 2.0 tires. The VXL version, like all of Traxxas' brushless models, do not come with battery or charger, allowing you to pick the perfect combination for you!

Our first delivery model is on the way soon, but if you want one of these bad boys, click that "Pre-Order" button and secure yours today! (Pre-orders are only for in-store pickup). The trucks are supposed to be arriving Mid-October.

The Rustler 4x4 will also be available as a brushed configuration with a NiMH battery and DC charger as well ($299.99).

Blade Ozone Drone Flies In

2018-08-23 10.54.02-1.jpg

With the popular but flawed Dromida Vista now discontinued, we needed a great beginner, outdoor drone to sell — and Blade answered the call. The new Blade Ozone is a remix of the very solid Blade mQX and Blade 180QX from years ago. Proving that good ideas never die, the folks at Blade have made the platform relevant again. It flies very well, and it's simple design emphasizes the Ozone's durability.

The Ozone is Ready-to-Fly out of the box — just charge the battery and take off! The drone sells for $99.99, and extra batteries are available for purchase at just $14.99. Stop in and ask for a demonstration today!

David managed to get the Ozone stuck...

David managed to get the Ozone stuck...

...but rescued it a few minutes later.

...but rescued it a few minutes later.

First Delivery Traxxas Slash 4x4 Arrives

David shows off the new Slash 4x4

David shows off the new Slash 4x4

Traxxas released their latest new truck out for first delivery, and we've got one! The brushed Slash 4x4 has many of the same great features of the original brushless version but with a lower price point, making it a truck more within reach for many!

The truck swaps out the brushless Velineon system for the venerable XL-5 speed control and the Titan 12T motor seen on the 2WD version of the Slash. It also uses plastic camber links, light-duty steel toe links, and opts for the 2056 servo found in the brushed versions of the Rustler and Stampede.

What isn't sacrificed is the modular chassis design and great handling. While slower than its brushless counterpart, the new Slash 4x4 still handles incredibly well, and since it comes with a battery and charger, it's a complete, ready-to-run package.

The new Slash 4x4 runs $299.99, and will be available for sale in early September.

2018-08-20 15.31.42.jpg