Make N' Take Scheduled for Saturday, September 22nd, 11AM—2PM.
Event takes place in the classroom area in the back of our store.

A Make 'n Take event is a great way to introduce someone to plastic modelling. With the help of the Mid-Michigan Model Makers (4M) Club, anyone can start down the path to becoming a great modeler! Their members will assist anyone young or old through putting together a basic model. These snap together models do not require paint or glue, making them perfect for beginners.

The Make 'n Take events are completely free of charge. Bring the kids and get them interested in plastic modelling at an early age. They can learn valuable skills while developing their modelling talents:

  • Patience

  • Responsibility

  • Creativity

There can be great careers that involve modelling as well. Special effects departments still use models regularly when working in television and movies. Films like The Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, and The Hobbit all featured models and miniatures. Even some of the Mythbusters started off as modelers!

Plastic modelling is a rewarding hobby for many people. In fact, the fastest growing hobby-related club in our area is the 4M Club. Their meetings always have a high attendance. It's not hard to start on the path to becoming a successful plastic modeler. Stop by a Make 'n Take event and try one out. It's free!