Onward: We Say Goodbye to Joe

Joe Faust first started working for us as a high school kid nearly nine years ago. Today, we part ways with a man who was not just a fantastic and memorable employee, but a true friend.

As a retail store, it's not often we have employees that stick around for an extended period of time. We've been lucky to have some very good people for many years, but the average tends to be between two and three years; some less, some more. Joe, however, is in the top five for tenure here at Roger's, so long as you don't count Roger, Darlene, or myself. In the time Joe has been with us, we've seen him grow from a sarcastic and awkward kid into a sarcastic and slightly less awkward adult, and along the way, he's proven himself to be not just a great employee, but a fundamental crutch that we, as the owners and managers of the business, came to rely on more and more. It would not be hyperbole to claim that Joe became an essential part of our store - and our success.

As Joe moves away to pursue his college degree, and later, a law degree, we will miss his offbeat sense of humor, attention to detail, and, more than anything else, the brightness he brought to our store and our lives. I know that we'll see him again, but our business will not ever be exactly the same without Joe Faust showing up for work day in and day out.

So Joe, good luck and study hard. You've proven to yourself and everyone else that you can basically do whatever you sent your mind to, and no matter how many times it seemed failure was inevitable, you managed to succeed anyway. All of us here at Roger's know you'll do great.