Introducing Rewards with FiveStars

Our goal at Roger's Hobby Center is, and has always been, to give our customers the best value in the hobby world. It's an easy thing to say, yet much harder to accomplish — to even know what value means. We don't always mean the most affordable, or best equipped, or great-looking when it comes to value. Instead, the word has a somewhat nebulous meaning, and really, it's up to our customers to determine what value means to them.

In this case, however, I think we can apply that term to our new rewards program without many objections.

We've been looking for a way to offer a rewards program for a long time, and everything we'd looked at fell short of our needs in one way or another. We wanted it to be easy to implement and easier still for our customers to redeem their rewards. We wanted a way to stay in touch, and establish a mutually beneficial relationship with our customers in a way that was unintrusive and streamlined. Finally, we wanted to prevent fraud and ensure the rewards system was reliable and transparent; we want our customers to always know where they stand.

A daunting task, to be sure, but we've finally found a program that will hopefully meet all those requirements. We have partnered with FiveStars, a company specializing in these kinds of programs, to bring our customers even more value as they shop with us.

How It Works

The FiveStars Tablet

The FiveStars Tablet

This part couldn't be simpler. Soon, there will be a tablet computer stationed at our checkout counter facing the customer. All that is required is a mobile phone number to get things started. Once that has been entered into the tablet, the FiveStars software will begin collecting points. One point is earned for every one whole dollar spent (before tax), keeping the program simple and predictable. Purchased $6.29 worth of products? That's six points. Buy $8.68 in model paint? You've just earned eight points.

You can view your accumulated points online or in the FiveStars app on your smartphone, so you always know what you have, and how far you have to go for that reward tier you really want. Unlike some rewards programs that automatically redeem points for you, our program allows you to bank the points, which never expire, until you reach whatever goal you set for yourself.

A bit after you've made your purchase, FiveStars will reach out to collect some more information from you, like your name, birthday, and email address. This is for the second part of the program. With this information, we can allow you to receive special offers and news in whatever way you like: text message, push notifications (if you download the app), or email. You have the freedom to choose the best way for us to keep in touch with you — and we'll even send you a special offer for your birthday!

One point for every $1 spent

The information you share is only between you, our staff, and FiveStars — that information won't be sold or distributed for any other purpose. Your privacy is important to us, just like it is to you, and you can stop notifications at any time — but you might miss out on some special offers if you do.

We are still working out what the rewards themselves will actually be, and at what point values they can be unlocked, so we'll publish a follow up post once those have been firmly nailed down. For now, all we know is that whatever we offer, it's more than our customers have been getting in the past, and we're really excited to offer more ways to engage with your favorite hobby. We feel this will add tremendous value to our brand, but more importantly, it will add value to every interaction we have with you.

Over the past three decades, our customers have given us much, and it's because of your continued support and loyalty that we've survived through the bad times and thrived in the good times. We're happy to finally have a way to give back to all those that continue to support us as we move toward thirty-five years in business and beyond.

Start earning your rewards today and sign up at the checkout.

See you in the store!