Make a Memory - Share Your Hobby Memories

Hobbies are, by definition, something we do for fun, and as such, there are plenty of memories we cherish that are hobby-related. Whether it was sharing your hobby with a loved one or friend, winning a hobby-related competition, or something else entirely, we all have that favorite memory of our hobby.

Our new marketing campaign pays homage to that truth. We want to explore all the memories that we've helped you create and cherish in the three plus decades we've been serving our customers. Our new tagline — "Get a Hobby, Make a Memory" — is a call to action, encouraging new customers to embrace a hobby, share it with their family and friends, and make memories of their own.

We want your help. While I have written two fictional ads (to which you can listen below) to get our new campaign started, we want your stories to resonate and speak to the world about just what your hobby has meant to you over the years. Simply comment on this page with your memory, and we'll take some, paraphrase them, make commercials out of them, and your story — your memory — can reach everyone in Mid-Michigan and maybe have an impact on someone else's life.

By sharing your memories here, you are giving us permission to use your content in a commercial, royalty-free and compensation-free. We won't attribute the content to you (mostly for time, but also to respect privacy), but your words will still live on this page, and our ads will encourage listeners to come here to read more of your memories and, hopefully, start a conversation about hobbies.

We know that people love to share their hobbies with others — and we love to share our love of hobbies with everyone. Help us do that and your story could be on the radio!