Metal Earth Iron Man Mini-Review

With Marvel's Captain America: Civil War dominating the box office, it felt like a good time to build something I have been intending to get around to forever: the Metal Earth Iron Man model. I was particularly drawn to this model because A) I'm a big Iron Man fan, and B) I like the fact that this is a multi-colored Metal Earth model. Most of the Metal Earth line is simply silver, including the War Machine model they offer in the same "Avengers" line, but the bright red and gold really stands out.

I've built one other Metal Earth model before; the Eiffel Tower. That was a very simple model, only a single sheet of parts. In contrast, the Iron Man model has five sheet of parts, and over 80 parts in all. The amount of detail in this kit is absurd, and the different finishes of the parts, from shiny to textured, really gives Iron Man a realistic look and depth that you just can't get from traditional plastic model kits.

The directions are mostly just images, and leave a bit to be desired; there are pieces that it encourages you to bend in round shapes, but doesn't really go into detail as to how round they need to be. This led to some difficult assembly moments, as things didn't line up like intended because I didn't bend enough or bent the piece too much. A couple of times, the vagueness of the instructions caused me to bend a part too many times, breaking it along the perforations and almost ruining the model for me. In both cases, I was able to salvage the piece, and even though anyone else would be hard pressed to figure out where I screwed up, I know where those mistakes are, and it bugs me that the directions didn't adequately explain what I needed to do.

Overall, though, I really enjoyed building this model, and I'm not really a modeler. I have never finished a plastic model build, and heretofore only built one other metal model. I understand why they caution potential builders on the package that this is for experienced modelers, and had I not the patience I did (surprising even myself), I don't think this would have been a project I finished, but the progression from getting the boots done, and seeing them there in their glory, kept me going until I had the legs complete, and from there the torso, arms, and head. Each time I completed a section, the joy and thrill of seeing one of my favorite superheroes come to life before me kept me going. Additionally, the fact that this was a multi-colored model really helped to keep the satisfaction high - when you've been working with the red parts for a while, they toss a gold accent piece in there, and it just feels good to put it on.

If Metal Earth comes out with more anodized kits in the future, I am ready for the next one. This Iron Man kit really got me excited for their next batch of models - Doctor Who. That TARDIS looks slick, and I want to get me one!

I thoroughly enjoyed this kit, minor frustrations and all. I highly recommend this to any Marvel fan - I will enjoy having this kit on display in my apartment (when it's done being on display here in the store, that is). This kit runs $19.99.