The Sun Sets on Robby's Hobbys

Before Roger's Hobby Center existed, before Roger had even thought about opening his own shop, Dan Robinson opened Robby's Hobbys in Bay City, MI. Thirty-six years later, his endeavour is at its end. Robby's Hobbys is closed.

In the thirty years that we've co-existed, we always respected Dan and his family. Though thought by most to be competitors, our relationship with Robby's Hobbys was always one of symbiosis. If we were out of a part, we'd call over to see if Dan had one, and the converse was also true. Between holding races in the back of the store, to his amazing collection of old and hard-to-find parts, Dan's contributions to the local hobby market were crucial to getting it where it is today. I know there are those that came into our store, dissatisfied with Robby's for some reason or another, but whether you loved his shop or not, it's impossible to say that Robby's wasn't a landmark in our local hobby world, and all of us here at Roger's Hobby Center wish Dan and his family our best as they continue on their journey, post- hobby shop ownership.

It is expected that we will see some of the loyal Robby's customers stop in to our store now. This article is really for them. So without further ado...

To the customers of Robby's Hobbys:

We all are sad to see Dan and his family retire from their beloved hobby shop, and we are cognisant that you are now in need of a hobby shop to call your LHS (Local Hobby Shop). We know that Dan had a unique approach to his business, and we know that we cannot possibly be everything to all people. We probably don't carry everything you came to expect Robby's to have on hand, and we probably don't have the same opinions and beliefs about the same things that Dan did. Making us your go-to location for your hobby-related products is going to be an adjustment, to be sure. We are acutely aware of that all.

If you give us a shot, though, we think you'll find us knowledgeable, courteous, and professional. We may not have everything you're looking for at first (but we can always try to order in what we don't have). We don't carry all the same brands that Dan did, and we differ in opinion on what brands we like and which we don't. But that doesn't mean we don't want to earn your trust and business. We are always learning from, and listening to, our customers and adjust, when possible, to keep them coming back. We place orders to our main vendors twice a week to keep special orders and regular stock coming in as quickly as possible. We don't charge shipping on special orders. While we may not be the cheapest place to purchase hobby products, we try to add value to your experience with our knowledge and support.

So while the closing of Robby's Hobbys is going to be an adjustment for us all, please give us a chance to be your LHS. If we let you down, we only have ourselves to blame. But if you find us to be a worthy replacement, and we hope you will, we look forward to serving you well into the future.

With the warmest of regards,

All of Us at Roger's Hobby Center