Toledo Trip 2011 Wrap-Up, Pt. 2

In Part 1 of my Toledo Trip 2011 Wrap-Up, I was pretty down on how much unadulterated junk there was at the show this year. But there were a few good things there this year as well. I'm not talking about product specific stuff; that strikes me as pointless at this point (I'm really late getting Part 2 up). But there are still a couple of points I want to hit.

Talking with the Horizon guys

The good folks at Horizon were more than generous with their time. We got to spend roughly an hour at the Horizon booth, and talked to some very smart people about various things. The hot topic of the time was the Blade mCPX issues, and one of the helicopter experts explained to us, in a very detailed but simple manner, what the problem was and how they were fixing it. A Spektrum guru walked us through the difference between DSM2 and DSMX, and why the change was made. I know those guys took a slight beating on the issue, and my heart goes out to them. It's not a very fun thing to admit your radio system needs to be changed, even if it's a small minority of cases that causes the problem. And finally, we talked with one of the lead developers of the Ultra-Micro F4U Corsair project, and he went through all the trials and tribulations of that particular aircraft. It was a major highlight of the trip for me, spending all that time with people that are knowledgable and friendly. Hat's off to them!

The central model display

It's always a highlight - the models on display down the center aisle are amazing. The amount of work that goes into one of these models is astounding.

Chatting it up with other companies

Between Bob Smith Industries, Sig, Great Planes, Castle Creations, and more, it was nice seeing the usual cast of characters at the show. But without much new to discuss, it wasn't as useful as it could have been.

And there you have it. Not nearly as long as Part 1, but not as much to talk about, either. Hopefully next year brings more legitimate hobby products to the Toledo Show. Only time will tell.