The Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

Before reading further, please note the date this article was published, 10/19/11. I have had a few customers express concern that we were moving again. This isn't the case. - Brian, 10/9/12

In 1992, Roger’s Hobby Center had grown to the point we needed more than the 3,480 square feet than we had at our original address (5658 State). It was a milestone in our history, like when a teenager goes off into the world to ultimately become the person he or she wants to become. It was a rite of passage, confirming that Roger and Darlene were making the right decisions; that the house that Roger built was successful and lasting.

And so it is with great ambivalence that I must announce that Roger’s Hobby Center is again moving. We have reached another milestone, perhaps not as positive as the last, but equally as important.

A confluence of events has culminated in this decision, but, as some important decisions are, this one was made for us, not by us. Our lease had come to an end, and there is another business that would like our location. And while our landlords have been incredibly gracious and helpful during this process, well... money talks - and we were forced to leave the location we’ve held since 1992.

Our landlords had a plan - elegant, if it worked, but incredibly tenuous: we would take over Beattie’s Pool and Spa, right next door to our location. The square footage would be more affordable, costs on parking lot fees and repairs would be less, and we’re only moving next door, which makes things somewhat simpler. Regarding Beattie’s new location, well, that’s not for me to announce. I’ll leave that for them to announce when they feel the time is right.

And while I’m not pleased with the sudden notice and urgent call to action, we are grateful to our landlords for bending over backwards to make this all happen.

You might have noticed a number of clearance sales happening in the store, and some things being moved around... some aisles getting emptied. Now you understand why. More sales and clearances are on the way. We need to clear out merchandise that won’t fit into the new location. I am going to make a central “hub” where you can find information on all the sales as we go forward. So stop in and take advantage of these clearances while you can - these items are priced to move.

Roger’s Hobby Center is a strong brand in Mid-Michigan. We are committed to providing the best customer service in our industry, prices that are competitive with local competition, and having the items you need or special ordering them in a timely fashion. And we will remain committed to these ideals.

Another milestone passed. Another corner turned. Another sunrise and sunset. And while the circumstances surrounding this transition are not entirely positive, we believe in the silver lining. We believe this will ultimately make our brand, our store, and our ability to serve our customers better than it ever has been before.